Are you good enough to study voice?

Over the past 30 years I have had many conversations with my beloved teacher, Marilyn Cotlow.  She had many students in her active teaching career who achieved international operatic singer status.  Even students who did not have the luck, opportunity, or whatever that magical thing is, still were impressive singers and many of them sing today and teach today.    When some of these students were asked "who is your teacher" and got the response "Marilyn Cotlow," the inquirer would often say: "I can't study with her because I'm not good enough."

This is like a baby saying that they cannot learn to walk because they are not old enough.  We set limitations on ourselves.  When you study voice with an expert technician, you are investing in the singer you will be.  We are constantly striving for improvement.  It is like being in Olympic training for as long as you practice your art form. 

Marilyn's mantra to her students is "This is the think system.  What you think, the body delivers, once it has been trained to know what to do."  Muscle memory works for singers as much as it does for pianists, factory workers, ice skaters, etc.

With patience and tenacity you can overcome any perceived obstacle to improve your singing.  Anything one person can do anyone else can also learn to do if it is broken down into small enough understandable steps.  A journey begins with a single step. 


High Notes

Pavarotti: It's not the notes you sing, but how you sing the notes.