Student Testimonials

"Marje is a rare find in vocal instructors. I stumbled upon her website completely by accident and have been truly amazed by my vocal progress over the last 5 years. She has a gift for understanding each student's uniqueness and aptitude, and breaks down and tailors the complexities of vocal technique to each individual. Marje will definitely help you obtain a deep understanding of your own vocal instrument. Highly recommended!!"


-- Ritu C.




"When I met Marje 2 years ago, I was basically a music school dropout. I had studied classical voice formally at the university level, and then gave up singing, with the thought that I simply wasn't good enough to be successful.

Marje showed me that I wasn't untalented, I just never had a teacher who could effectively instruct me how to use my instrument. Marje's no nonsense approach to singing technique, and her ability to tell me exactly what I have to do inside my body to make the kind of sound I want to make, has transformed my singing, and I recently performed my first lead role with a small local opera company.

I believe that, working with Marje, anyone who is reasonably intelligent, and is willing to put in the practice hours, can sing with a clean, even, supported, elegant tone.

Warning: If you are looking for a teacher who will smile politely and say "nicely done, do it again," look elsewhere. Marje won't let you get away with anything less than your very best, and that is how I have become the singer I am today, and I keep improving with every lesson."


-- Molly P.